Student Stories: Niamh takes on Teacher Training with Sterling Hot Yoga

When I first waddled into BYH almost 2 years ago, 81/2 months pregnant, I was met with a warm smile (Henri!) and, once I announced that I was a regular practitioner, zero lectures about pregnancy postures, proper form or excessive pee breaks. I was allowed to practice in bloated, swollen, oversized peace. I knew I had found my studio! Sarah and Henri have created a space that is free of judgement where students of all abilities can practice comfortably and with confidence. I love that! I love being challenged on my good days and left to lie on my mat on my bad (hungover?) days.

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Reflections on Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction from Sarah

This summer I gleefully signed up for Gina Sager’s Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction 8 week Class (aka MSBR). As I did I was thinking, “How wonderful! I will have homework, and a chance to develop a meditation practice, and an exposure to new tools on how to balance my life. I can’t wait.” I hope you too are grinning as you plan to take Gina’s 8-week MSBR workshop. I can promise you one thing: you may not get exactly what you want. I love taking classes and if like me, this change of weather and the promise of Autumn makes you crave filling a back pack and sharpening your pencils, and if you like taking classes that help you grow you will love this experience. But I don’t recommend you think of it as a learning experience, more as a growing experience.  

Let me explain: In most classes what changes from the beginning to the end is what I have learned –it is in my brain or in a notebook I usually won’t re-read. For me what shifted was how I am. Or rather, how I “be” to use poor grammar and a wonderful way of wording this shift. How do I “be” in my heart, in my body, in this conversation, just with this breath. By being present.

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Practice is Better Than Perfect by Tanya

In this piece Tanya Taylor asks us to think of awareness of the present moment as a state of abundance. To value the practice of mindfulness over a concept of perfection is to live out this awareness.

Tanya’s Mindful Yoga class features an opening and closing meditation along with a series of poses accessible to all levels of student. Come to class prepared to develop heightened awareness of the breath, proper alignment in postures, and a balance of strength and flexibility in your body and mind.

Tanya’s leads Mindful Yoga every Monday at 6:30 a.m. in the Loft. 


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Teacher Profiles: Welcome to BYH, Krystyna!

We are very happy to introduce Krystyna as our newest teacher here at Bikram Yoga Hampden. It is a joy to have Krystyna join our team and to see share her appreciation and knowledge of the exercising body that she has gained academically and in her yoga practice. Here she begins to do just that: she explains her pathway to yoga and teacher training.
Join Krystyna in the hot room on Thursdays at 5 and 7. 

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The Five Pillars of Yoga

To build and maintain a regular yoga practice can be a challenge for many of us. While some may have difficulties getting themselves in the room, others are unable to grasp onto not only the physical but also the psychological benefits of practicing Bikram Yoga. In both cases what hinders the ability to feel the full benefits of the yoga is our mind: we must let go of old patterns to understand new body-mind connections that we are nurturing in our practice. As students practicing the beginner’s series our success is measured in our ability to quiet our minds for a better awareness of our bodies.

We love the list of The Five Pillars of Bikram Yoga posted on Bikram Yoga Christchurch in New Zealand. If you didn’t know them before, now you do! As Kate Burford writes, these five pillars can be your roadmaps to improving your practice in body and mind: 

1.     Faith – Do you believe in yourself? Do you have hope?

2.     Self Control – Discipline, morality, practice.

3.     Willpower – Determination. Willingness to do. 

4.     Concentration – Focus, balance, presence. 

5.     Patience – Do we have what it takes to keep trying.


Sarah, Henri & the BYH Team 

The Story of the Yoga Story Lady

Today we celebrate our dear Carolynn as she embarks on her journey to Budapest, Hungary at the end of this month. As her students have experienced, one of the joys of having class led by Carolynn are the motivating stories that she tells. It is with gratitude that we share a small bit of the Yoga Story Lady’s own story.

Join us on Saturday, August 15th at 6:00 p.m. after Carolynn’s 4:00 p.m. class to continue the celebration with a Community Potluck.

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The Moment of “Just Tea”

Did you know that we get to choose what gets our attention? As I absorb this and begin to apply this I realize how powerful it is.

I am taking Gina Sager’s 8-week Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction workshop and this was one of the first things she brought to our attention.  Reminding myself of this everyday, I am happy to have this opportunity to practice and make space for greater calm and clarity.

Choosing what to focus on  brought me back to a conversation I had with our dear teacher Karmeshia, a long time ago.She was up very early, getting ready to teach one of her first 6 a.m. classes. I know that I barely slept the night before my first classes and yet she knew exactly how to stay centered. Rather than studying she sat quietly and sipped her tea.

Karmeshia writes of that same memory:

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As small business owners with only one studio to support, to love and to nurture, we can be flexible about prioritizing where we focus our attention.  When the wind shifts and we see aspects of the business that can be improved, we have the power to choose where we direct our vision.  This is truly a gift, which you all have supported as loyal friends and students! Over the past ten years, investors, developers and students have asked us to open other locations. We have resisted because we are proud to be a single location ownership presence, with the flexibility afforded by that.

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spring cleanse photo

Spring renewal–a Holistic Cleanse

An invitation to deepen self care and embody new ways to nourish ourselves.

Martha Rogers, L.Ac. and Sarah Ittmann Leite will be facilitating a 14 day cleanse during the transition between Winter & Spring. Join us to sweep out the stagnancy of Winter; shed limiting thought patterns; increase the vibration of the bodymindspirit; and cultivate a deep sense of gratitude.

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