Find the 44%

Many of us have already given up (or never started!) our 2015 New Year’s Resolutions. Making a change in our lives may be harder if we try to go it alone. This is why we are starting a 44 day Group Challenge. This will begin on Sunday, February 1st with a kick off of FREE CLASSES all day. Please join us at 9am, 11am and 4pm for free classes and sign up for your own personal challenge. Choose how many classes you will do a week and post your name and your commitment on the board. Please bring your friends and family. We need one another’s support and love to become the best possible versions of ourselves.Continue reading

Welcome to Bikram Yoga Hampden and Sarah’s Blog

For over five years I taught Bikram Yoga while traveling around the US and the UK, the entire time I knew what I wanted; to find a city that felt like a village, a job that felt like play, a purpose that allowed my calling to intersect with an un-met need. And boy did I find all of that rolled into one sweet package!! Right here at 911 W.36th street. That package ultimately included a daring and devoted husband and now a curious and loving baby. (I do count my blessings instead of sheep).

I moved to Baltimore to open Bikram Yoga Hampden ten years ago Continue reading