5 Week Series
Level: Beginner to Intermediate Yogis

Sat, April 22nd - May 20th
10:30 - 11:30 am
With Lauren O'Brien YT Lead Teacher Trainer

$25 Full Series (Members)
$90 Full Series (Non-members)
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This 5 week series will provide you the opportunity to develop a full or fuller understanding of how to move, breathe, and be on your mat in a Vinyasa practice.

Intended for beginning and intermediate yogis, Vinyasa is a unique breath-powered moving meditation that mimics many of the bio-mechanical movements of

daily living, providing a complete structure for balance, strength and flexibility. Experienced teachers, Lauren and Katie, bring a variety of perspectives, talents, and

disciplines to safely guide you to your next levels in your yoga journey.


Lauren O'Brien, E- 500 RYT 

Lauren is an artist, writer and yoga instructor and teacher trainer. 
Lauren is devoted to teaching yoga in a way that helps people find a strong inner light and become integrated with their own true sense of self. Lauren has the ability to make the practice of yoga both exciting and possible for all ages and abilities. As a yoga instructor Lauren has a reputation for enthusiastic soulful, and intelligent yoga instruction. With a knowledge based in years of practice and experience, Lauren strives to create inspiring, compassionate and supportive classes where students can explore their own ranges of motion and emotion.