The Moment of “Just Tea”

Did you know that we get to choose what gets our attention? As I absorb this and begin to apply this I realize how powerful it is.

I am taking Gina Sager’s 8-week Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction workshop and this was one of the first things she brought to our attention.  Reminding myself of this everyday, I am happy to have this opportunity to practice and make space for greater calm and clarity.

Choosing what to focus on  brought me back to a conversation I had with our dear teacher Karmeshia, a long time ago.She was up very early, getting ready to teach one of her first 6 a.m. classes. I know that I barely slept the night before my first classes and yet she knew exactly how to stay centered. Rather than studying she sat quietly and sipped her tea.

Karmeshia writes of that same memory:

“Yes, deciding that it was more important to have a minute for myself, to let the tea bring me to a point of calm and stillness so I can just be… When I first started teaching I was nervous about getting the dialogue right, about if I would serve the students well, if I would teach per the standards of the studio, and did I pull each piece of the dialogue together in the right whole in order to represent the yoga? The moment of “just tea” allowed me to let go and be present with the work that was already done and know there was work more to do later and leave it for later. In my practice of “just tea” I found myself as a teacher. I found how to be Karmeshia who encourages students through their own journey. Now I feel confident but then I felt anxious. “Just tea” helped me find my confidence by practicing quietness. It’s one of my coping skills. I have to practice what I preach as a mental health therapist. And now I continue to discover how I can give myself to others in service as a therapist and yoga teacher.”

How do you start your morning? Is the TV on? Are you looking at a phone or laptop?

When you have your morning cup of tea, or hot water and lemon, or whatever the morning ritual is, remember you chose what gets your attention. Choose to be with yourself. Take time for “just tea.” Giving yourself that gift at daybreak will allow you to find peaceful ways of moving into your full potential.

Yours in peace,


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