ROOTED. Cultivating Whole Nutrition

Claire Cohen, MS CNS/LDN candidate

Claire Cohen of ROOTED Nutrition is a graduate of Maryland University of Integrative Health and holds a Masters of Science Degree in Nutrition and Integrative Health. She has a background in Culinary Arts and has been working as a personal chef for the past 10 years following her training at The Natural Gourmet in New York City. Born and raised in Boulder, Colorado, Claire has since lived in Atlanta, New York, Jerusalem and Los Angeles. She now resides in Baltimore with her husband and two young children. Claire has a particular interest in Preconception Nutrition planning and Women’s Reproductive Health and Fertility. She believes strongly in the power of food and healing and is passionate about exploring a whole-person approach to health and wellness, providing thorough nutrition support for those wishing to reach a wide variety of health goals. Based on a Functional Medicine perspective, the philosophy at ROOTED focuses on the unique nature of each person’s condition, biochemical individuality, genetics, environment, stress, sleep and relationships to rebalance health and vibrancy. Instead of merely treating symptoms, the Functional Medicine model seeks to uncover root causes of disease and malaise so that deepest healing can occur. The approach at ROOTED is a team oriented model; recommendations and plans are created together and the Nutrition client is empowered to take ownership and pride in successes and progress. Finally, the model recognizes that our bodies are wise and that given the proper nourishment and attention can and will restore vitality & wellbeing.

Claire can be reached at: RootedNutrition@gmail.com (310) 909-4573