Student Stories: Niamh takes on Teacher Training with Sterling Hot Yoga

When I first waddled into BYH almost 2 years ago, 81/2 months pregnant, I was met with a warm smile (Henri!) and, once I announced that I was a regular practitioner, zero lectures about pregnancy postures, proper form or excessive pee breaks. I was allowed to practice in bloated, swollen, oversized peace. I knew I had found my studio! Sarah and Henri have created a space that is free of judgement where students of all abilities can practice comfortably and with confidence. I love that! I love being challenged on my good days and left to lie on my mat on my bad (hungover?) days.

I have thought about being a teacher over the years. When I was practicing at Bikram headquarters in LA Rajashree, Bikram’s wife, suggested I take their training course. But I thought ‘who needs me to be their teacher? What do I have to offer?’. Ten years later when Sarah mentioned a great teacher training program in Mexico my perspective had changed. I am actually a great example of the healing power of this practice.
Bikram yoga has been keeping my severe anxiety disorder under control since my very first class. I hate to be perceived as someone who has ‘drunk the bikram kool aid’ but I truly credit this yoga with controlling my mood in a way medications have never been successful in doing. I also have (had) severe scoliosis and used to walk hunched over. No longer! I could go on and on, as I’m sure any Bikram regular can! I want to learn even more about how and why these great benefits are happening for us all.
I’m leaving for teacher training in Mexico on Sunday, something I would not be doing were it not for the encouragement and inspiration of Sarah and Henri. And also the support of my awesome husband Andy, who will stay behind with our amazing son Hawkeye. I am already sick to my stomach with anxiety about leaving my family, but I also am a bit giddy with excitement at the prospect of a month of yoga and learning! I can’t wait to see, teach, and be taught by you all when I return!


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