Teacher Q&A with Heather

1. How did you become interested in teaching zumba? 
After having my daughter I tried the gym again and I just could not do it. I was not having any fun. Then one day my husband surprised me with a Zumba/Playstation workout DVD.  He said “I know how much you like to dance and I thought you would like to try this”.  I was hooked!  I loved everything about Zumba – the music, the dance moves and the workout.  After 30 minutes I was sweaty and after 45 minutes I was in a dance induced state of euphoria.  In short I WAS HAVING FUN!  If a DVD was this much fun I had to try a live class.  I was right!   I never knew working out could be this fun so I kept going to Zumba, kept dancing, kept having fun and the weight kept coming off. Most of the people I danced with kept asking me if I was an instructor.  So one day I decided I should become an instructor.  Zumba helped me so maybe I could help others.  I asked one of my teachers that I thought the world of (still do) and without hesitation she said “DO IT”.  So I became a Zumba instructor.  I have been teaching since 2013 and I love it.

2. How is Zumba different from other work outs? 
Zumba is exercise in disguise.  The music and the dancing is so much fun that you don’t realize how many squats or jumping jacks you are doing.
3. How does the class usual go… do I need dance skills?
Zumba is a Latin Dance Fitness Party. Just like any party no one is yelling the dance moves at you.  Rather you follow the visual cues given by the instructor and dance.  If you get a move wrong don’t worry (there is no Zumba police that will arrest you) as long as you are moving and having fun that is all that matters.  For my class I introduce a new dance routine every week so you have something new as well as dances that you are familiar with and dances that you know and could dance all by yourself.  The moves are easy to learn because ZINs (Zumba Instructors) follow a progression formula. The fist sequence is the basic move(s) little by little we add more moves or flavor.  Then before you know it all the moves are incorporated and you are dancing. So when participants tell me they can’t dance I tell them to talk to me after class.  After class we talk again and with their smiling faces they say “it was so easy learning the dance moves!”
4. What do you think are the benefits of Zumba and how might they add to a yoga practice. 
The benefits of Zumba are many; increased cardiovascular stamina, muscle tone, improved muscle memory, increased coordination, improved balance, reduce stress, and increase memory. As we know Yoga requires all of the above so Zumba is an excellent way to improve your body for your Yoga practice.

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