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Toddler and me Yoga classes: Staying present and finding balance with a toddler

Having a toddler and combining the balance of: home and business work, of moving my body in ways that keep me strong and flexible, all while offering attention and stimulation to my child and staying connected to a community is a balancing act unlike any I’ve ever encountered. 
The main challenge is staying present. And adapting. 
In preparing for teaching this class I set myself one clear goal: “How can I stay present to my own body and my breath in a yoga pose while my son is (safely -I hope!) circling around the perimeter of where I am practicing?” (I have to share with you -because it is too funny: auto-correct changed circling to “crying“, and as many a parent or care giver knows, that may also be what happens.) So that is what we have been doing for quite some time. And so I took notes and drew up diagrams of the poses I did and what Simon did around me if he chose to be involved.

Since Simon was born (and for the first time in 20 years!) I haven’t been able to head into the next yoga class anytime  old time I wanted.  So I started something new to me: a home practice. I’ve always said practicing alone is 100 times harder than showing up to class. Well, now add practicing at home with a toddler!!!  
This does not always work. 
I know that learning to tune him out was not the goal. Instead, I allow his plea for attention to create a shift in my agenda: I scoop him up and find ways to have his involvement benefit me. His “airplane ride” becomes my hamstring stretch and if I slow down and make it challenging,  the activity can be great ab toning. His repeated desire to climb up on my back gives me a deeper fold in half tortoise. Now he’s a little older and coordinated he can sit astride of my back and we go on a choo-choo ride. While doing so I feel my abs and side body get stronger and an activity that could be exhausting or boring turns into fun and I get to keep training. What am I training for? Motherhood. 
The amazing group of Moms, Dads and Nannies who stretched, balanced, laughed, trained and played with us this Fall were all so inspiring. We were able to come together and explore our own yoga while keeping it playful for them. Training with you all was a huge gift to Simon and me. We look forward to sharing it with many more of you soon.
Train with Sarah and Simon this Fall:
On Saturday, November 21st 9.45am -10.30am and Tuesday, December 15th 9.45am-10.30am.
Their next 5 week series starts on Tuesday January 5th for 5 weeks: 9.45am -10.30
If enough people are interested we will offer a Saturday morning class too: 9.45am -10.30 starting Jan 9th.
Doors open for play at 9.30am for each class. Training starts at 9.45am sharp.
See you in the Loft soon! 
❤ Sarah & Simon
As well as teaching and practicing Bikram Yoga and Yoga with Toddlers, Sarah teaches the Alexander Technique in the Loft at BYH. The Alexander Technique provides tools to navigate all sorts of professions with ease. Some of her students who have benefited are: dancers, cellists, violinists, pregnant and postpartum women, office workers, squash players, yogis, actors and more. Email if you would like to book a private lesson. 

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  1. Ewan and I loved coming to this class! I have a pretty serious yoga practice so I came just expecting a great way to get out of the house and be with other moms and their kids without anyone judging the chaos that surrounds you when you roll with a 2 year old. But I was surprised how much my morning was transformed by doing just a few simple, deep stretches. It doesn’t always have to be 60-90 minutes of you time (and it can’t for most of us!). We do our yoga at home all the time!

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