Monday Yin at Helia 7pm-8.15pm

Make up dates: Jan 17th and 24th

Next Monday series: Jan 31st thru Feb 28th 


Thursday Yin at Helia 7pm-8.15pm

Make up dates: Jan 13th and 20th

Next Thursday series: Jan 27th thru Feb 24th


Reserve your spot for the next series and email

questions to:


In light of the rise in Omicron cases in Maryland and so many breakthrough cases for people who are both vaccinated and boosted,  we are implementing a covid attendance policy in order to be mindful of everyone’s safety under the current circumstances. We will proceed this way until circumstances change.

Masks will continue to be required at all times. If you have not already done so, please equip yourself with, and wear to in person yoga classes, a tight fitting multi layered mask with a nose wire. Such as KN95.

On the morning of your class, I will send along an email to ask the following questions.

 If the answer is yes to any of the questions below, you will need to miss the class and I will send you an audio recording of the class the following day.

We will not be accepting any more drop in attendance. If you are unable to make the group classes, and are in good health (can reply no to all the Covid policy questions) email to book private yoga lessons.

The morning of checklist: Y or N

__  Do you have COVID or have you tested positive within the past 10 days? (please indicate which day you tested positive and/or your first full day of symptoms.

__ Have you knowingly had any exposure to a COVID positive person in the past 7 days?

__  Have you traveled out of the state in the past five days?

__  Have you gathered in a large group in the past 5 days?

(If you have gathered or traveled but received a negative PCR test 3-5 days following the gathering, you are safe to attend class

Reply YES if you have any of these symptoms (and please stay home)

__ Do you have sinus congestion?

__ Do you have a fever?

__ Do you have a headache?

__ Do you have a dry cough?


We are now scheduling private Yoga and Alexander Technique Lessons at Helia.

Small group and private classes inside the Studio @ Helia

or choose from 100s of videos in our Video Vault.


At Yoga Tree we are dedicated to:

  • Bringing Yoga to you wherever and however you are most comfortable (masks are required in person)

  • Supporting you with yoga asana, breathing techniques and restorative practices

  • Reminding you that it is IMPERATIVE to have a strong self care plan in place

  • Providing you with tools which empower you to show up to ALL that you do EVERY day

  • Repeating to you until you believe it whole heartedly, "You are whole and complete just as you are."

Which Class is Right For You?


• Calm your nervous system

• Connect with your breath

• Work your whole body


• The ABCs of Yoga

• Building blocks for improved function

• Adapt each yoga pose for your unique skeletal structure


Yin Yoga: Relief of chronic pain from sitting at a desk or running ultra-marathons

• Slow Flow: Another Yin practice: slow down body & mind to improve sleep & reduced anxiety

• Yoga Tree Yang Mat Pilates for Core Stability & Hiit Pilates for Cardio + Tone