Private Alexander Technique Lessons with Sarah

Are you ready to say goodbye to discomfort and excess tension?

Starting Monday August 30th, Sarah will be available every Monday at Helia for private lessons!

The Alexander Technique is a mind-body re-education that teaches students to become aware of their current alignment and manner of doing things. By applying the principles of the Alexander Technique students decrease tension and learn to restore poise & function.

We are born with exquisite balance & freedom of movement. Observe toddlers at play as often as possible! Over time, we begin to collapse or misalign; this now happens at increasingly earlier stages of life as we see young people hunched in front of screens. This affects everything we do & burdens every system of the body. Many well-intentioned comments of “Stand up straight” do not correct this.

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” —Albert Einstein


Lessons with Sarah

In an Alexander Technique lesson I use gentle touch and verbal guidance so that the student retrieves effortless balance, and begins to coordinate their body with freedom and ease. By applying the principles of the Alexander Technique, I guide the student to move in a freer, easier manner, reducing physical stress on the body. Each session includes sitting, standing, a movement activity as well as a lying down turn. 
Alexander Technique principles, when applied to all manner of activities, will enhance performance and minimize injury. Mis-use and overuse often occur in repetitive activities, when we do the same task in an imbalanced way the cumulative hours can create pain and skeleto-muscular problems. I teach private Alexander Technique lessons to a wide variety of students including athletes, yogis, artists, musicians, pregnant women, individuals recovering from orthopedic surgery, and those navigating chronic pain.

About Sarah Ittmann Leite

I knew that my own journey of healing and movement needed a deeper layer of learning and in 2004 I began receiving private lessons in the Alexander Technique from Nancy Romita. In 2011 I was accepted to study with her and Wendy Salkind on AT Midatlantic , the Alexander Teacher Training course in Baltimore. I completed the 1600-hours of training and graduated in 2014. I am currently a teacher trainer in the AT Mid-Atlantic and am grateful to deepen my own process as a teacher by being part of this faculty. I began my career and passion for movement & healing in 1999 with the first of my many yoga teacher training certifications. I have owned and operated a yoga studio in Baltimore City since 2004 ( As well as teaching private one on one Alexander Technique lessons, I also to teach small group yoga and Alexander Technique classes at Helia where I enjoy bringing my two lifelong passions together.

Private lessons are usually 45 minutes, and cost $95. Many students schedule weekly lessons for regular practice over 10 sessions. If you are interested in small group or semi private lessons contact me for details. Payment is expected at the time of the lesson with cash or check. Checks should be addressed to Yoga Tree Baltimore, LLC. Home visits are possible depending on location. Wear comfortable and loose clothing.


Students who work with me report:

• I am virtually pain free after 5 sessions. 
• I no longer take anti-inflammatory medication; for months I was taking it around
the clock. 
• I walked over 7 miles the other day
• My stamina is returning.
• My posture has improved. 
• It has been life altering for me. 
• I would recommend this to anyone suffering from chronic pain.

For questions or to book your appointment, email

Community Update on Mask Requirements

For Park Classes and Inside Classes,

Please arrive and leave class with your mask on. Once you are settled on your mat you are welcome to remove your mask if you choose (and are fully vaccinated) or keep your mask on throughout.

All teachers will be able to choose the same options: teach with a mask on or remove it once on their mat (and all of our staff are fully vaccinated).

We believe in the importance of vaccines and know that the Covid-19 vaccine helps reduce contagion and will reduce the severity and duration of the coronavirus; with variants emerging rapidly, and cases of fully vaccinated people become positive we strongly urge you to take extra steps even if you are fully vaccinated.

We also continue our “no touch” policy - as much as we love hands on adjustments in yoga poses (and HUGS!) - until the time arrives that we know this is safe. Thank you for honoring our increased precautions and policies.

In order to stretch together it’s time to mask up again! We’ve loved seeing your faces! And we want to keep you safe.

The Yoga Tree Family

PS - If you have any questions, please reach out!

Yoga Tree’s Covid Community Agreement

We're starting to have in person classes again (yay!) and we want to make sure that we all stay safe and healthy. So please be aware of the following:

By registering for class students commit to Yoga Tree's Covid community agreement*

*Yoga Tree's Covid community agreement:

• All teachers will have been fully vaccinated before leading any in person classes.
• If you have not been vaccinated masks are required for both inside and outdoor classes.
• For outside classes: If you have been fully vaccinated you may remove your mask once on your yoga mat.
• For inside classes: Students are required to wear masks at all times. (And the inside class will be live-streamed). The teacher will have the option to remove their mask once on their mat and will mask up if they need to leave their mat for any reason.
• All attendees will continue safe distancing, hand washing and we continue our "no touch policy". While we do miss hugs and hands on adjustments we know that waiting a little while longer is important for the good of the whole.
• In person classes require advance registration and payment. The class size comes with very strict limits; please do not ask the teacher to make an exception.

If you are a no show to an in person inside class your account will be charged $25 (our drop in price for this class). Cancelations must be made at least 24 hours hours in advance.

26+2 All Cameras On!

Bonus Class in March with SARAH!

26+2 All Camera's On!
Every Tuesday 5:00pm - 6:00pm

Join Sarah for this special class as part of our March Happiness Challenge. Sarah will verbally guide each student into their poses more deeply & more efficiently. There will not be any demonstration by the teacher.

Prerequisites: Working Knowledge of the series & Camera's on!
Only 9 students per class. This class will not be recorded.

Sarah has over 20 years of experience teaching this yoga method and looks forward to supporting your development.

This is a class you will not want to miss this Spring!

March Happiness Challenge


We thought it'd be fun to do a yoga challenge that focused on wellbeing as a whole, and incorporated self-care and building new habits.And so, we came up with this March Challenge!

TO PLAY: copy the calendar above (or use your own if you'd like) and complete a task each day of March. At least 20 of the days need to be a Yoga Tree class, but the other 11 days can taken from the list (on the calendar) at your choosing! We've assigned each activity a symbol, so feel free to use those or write it in.

TO WIN: fill in the entire month and then send us your calendar! Anyone who completes it will be entered to win one of several gift cards from local businesses!

WANT EXTRA CREDIT? Take a Yoga Tree class EVERY DAY and you'll be entered to win a one on one yoga class with a Yoga Tree teacher!

Have fun and good luck!

Being a Black Woman in the Yoga Community

Experiencing a 26 and 2 class taught by a Black woman felt like being a part of history,

every time.

What made the practice so unique was seeing someone who looked like me, lead a class other than vinyasa or yin. She was rare. She was precise and technical. And historically, it was challenging to find someone of color, at a studio, lead such a practice. But at Yoga Tree Baltimore, it was different. I felt seen and saw my likeness in a class that I would normally shrink myself in by positioning my mat in the back corner of a studio. She and I casually greeted each other like everyone else before class. I came early to place my mat at the front of the room, silently affirming her while setting my intentions for my practice.

The instructor and I never spoke of her impact on my practice, but it was life changing.

It was that experience that reignited my dedication to the practice and I entertained ideas of becoming more. I sought after more experiences like this and researched Black women who had studios in the Maryland, Virginia, and DC area.

But life happened and I put my consistent practice on hold while a few years passed by. Determined to reset and reconnect to my breath, I joined a local gym in Baltimore for additional wellness goals and a similar Yoga Tree Baltimore experience. There I met my 200 Yoga Teacher Training instructor, a Palestinian woman, Abir of Abir Yoga Academy, who presented an alternate class experience with middle eastern rap and Wu-Tang Klan classics.

Last year, I attended her first yoga teacher training as an entrepreneur, and it felt good to support a woman of color and small business. I helped her make history and her training introduced me to an industry where I thought I could only follow and occasionally be seen. The journey continues as I grow as an instructor and in my individual practice, it is so rewarding.



Photo 1: Shani at Baltimore Inner Harbor
Photo 2: Shani & Kamaria post yoga class, 2017, Yoga Tree Baltimore in Hampden
Photo 3: Shani in front of Egyptian Goddess Ma'at


Follow what these amazing women are up to!
Find Shani @shaniadia510 on Instagram and on FB as Shani A. McPherson
Find Kamaria @kamariajoyner on Instagram and on FB as Kamaria Joyner

Our New Virtual Platform is: Easy as 1, 2, 3!

Your login is needed to join a Livestream Class & access Video On Demand. Reset your password with Mindbody if needed. If you use the Mindbody App you will be able to see and link and join from the app.

1. Sign up for ANY class on Mindbody!

You will get an email with a link to join your virtual class 30 minutes before class starts

2. Click the link in that email.

Teachers will be live 5 minutes early. Join us and get yourself ready.

3. Click the green JOIN button.

You have the option of having video and audio on or off.

Please note: To ensure you get the link in time for class, register 30 minutes before scheduled time at least. Please try to plan ahead.

Also, your link may end up in your junk folder. If you can’t find it, take a peek there and look for a subject line similar to

“Here’s the link to Your Yoga Class (60 min) on 11/15 at 5:30 pm”

Have a great class!

Healthy at Home

Are you committed to taking care of yourself? By taking yoga classes on a regular basis and getting lots of exercise? Maybe you used to fit in 3 or 4 classes each week, run some trails, AND hit the gym before work when class times didn’t fit your schedule?

If you are in Baltimore City, aaaaaaall of that is now available to you again.

But, are you ready to be in closed spaces with other people? If you are, that’s great. Everyone has a different comfort zone and the path to follow it. If you aren’t we’re here to help.

First, here’s what one of our members shared upon learning that we were closing while others are re-opening:

“It’s a bit of a relief for me (and I’d venture to guess others as well) to not have to make the decision on whether or not I feel comfortable returning to a physical space because it’s already been thoughtfully made for me! 

When I received the email telling me that my gym was reopening a few weeks ago, that masks were not going to be required, and that they would resume billing immediately, I was pretty dismayed. The idea of being in close quarters with heavily breathing people, when a pandemic is still raging, and the zip code where I live and where the gym is located has the highest rate of infection in the city, was absolutely terrifying to me. Within a week of getting the email, my husband and I discussed that there was no way we were going to feel comfortable going back into that gym any time in the foreseeable future…

I’m so grateful that your top priority is keeping all of your devoted yogis safe and that you have developed a plan to adapt in a way that will make that possible.

The way that you and Henri, with the support of all your instructors, have chosen to handle the situation and move forward is a breath of fresh air and makes me love YogaTree even more than I thought I could.”
–Sherry Smeal

Pictured here in her Yoga Tree shirt she won in our April Challenge


If you are ready to commit to your health, but not ready to be in closed spaces, we have a for you:

“Healthy at Home” Introductory Offer

Unlimited access to online Live Streaming classes (15 new classes a week)

Over 400 classes on Demand to choose from anytime!

3 classes a week outside in a Park near our old location. (More coming as these fill up!)

If you are committed to taking care of yourself –right when you need it most!!


Sign up for our 30 Day Trial Offer

Yoga Tree Baltimore Brick & Mortar is Closing: Sarah Shares What’s Next


Change is the only constant –Heraclitus


Hello my sweet yoga family,

Most of you know me pretty well. I am a collaborator. I love talking, listening, gathering perspectives and solving problems. To sit quietly and make this decision without soliciting opinions was so, so hard for me.

And I wish I could be with you in person right now as I share with you one of the most difficult decisions I’ve ever made:

We will not be reopening the doors at 911 W 36th street in Hampden.

Since our last in studio class 16 weeks ago, Henri and I have read and researched; scouring all the information on what others are doing as we planned to re-open. Hoping the answer would be somewhere out there.

We know the truest answer has to come from within, and our own hearts’ answer and our priority for Yoga Tree is: To keep everyone safe.

We knew that meant returning with the strictest of policies; we began to prepare for that with precision. We took another few days to listen and we chose our version of keeping us all safe: To remain closed. 

The Yoga Tree teachers and classes that you know and love are not going away. We will continue to teach 20 Facebook live classes each week and several outdoor classes. Those online classes will be added to a new platform weekly that will not require using Facebook.

You will be able to ‘drop in’ for a class there on demand or access the full library with your membership. This will be available anytime and anywhere with internet service. It will be my greatest honor to continue my life’s work in this new way.

I know that many of you will have questions, responses, feelings, ideas and will want to reach out. Please do. We want to include you in this process and share in the transitions that we all are going through.

Let’s stand together and have a moment to honor all that has happened in this location. Stay tuned for a farewell ceremony.

We love you all,

–Sarah & Henri

Sorry for my Silence

My wonderful Yoga Tree Family,

I have started to write you so many times but nothing is coming out clearly, yet.

This came out instead, so here is a poem (of sorts) written by me.


Sorry for my Silence. I will be here a while.

I love to learn new things and
often when I do
I get excited and passionate
and full of dreams of
“What it will be like when…”
and then I get a wobbly shy feeling and
a Who-am-I to have an opinion that matters? feeling
That oh-so familiar imposter syndrome stamps
out my vision and action and voice.
Sorry for my Silence. I will be here a while.

So I hide my new knowledge, unused
like a pair of going-out shoes
in the back of closet with a burnt out light bulb
along with snacks I’ve eaten when not even hungry,
and lies told to people I love so that they will love me back.

I am not proud of that cavernous, cluttered space.
It is where lots of grand ideas are put
because I do not know how to
be brave and bring my un-perfect learning out
in the fresh air.

And this time I will.
I will be part of the Vocal.
Being part of those who CAN speak up
and do use their voice
means I WILL be part of the Criticized.
(oh how I dislike this part)…

This I know is true: I will not do it right
for everyone. No matter how hard
I try to guess what each of you wants me to say.
Someone will like it (oh what a relief);
someone else won’t (where can I hide?).
My trauma is here. So here I will stay.
I will do the inner work in order to do the outer work

Sorry for my Silence. And, If you could hear
my thoughts you would know how far from silent it is in here.
Each day I try feeling it all for long enough to break free of
my guesswork and my habit of
a friend-to-all, a threat-to-no-one
and I settle down to learn from
and with others who will give me permission
to heal, to learn, and to get it wrong.
Sorry for my Silence. I have lots to say and I will still listen.

Sarah Ittmann Leite –This is my pre-work as a privileged, white, cis female.


A true poet, educator, and author: Clint Smith inspired me in his Ted Talk The Danger of Silence nearly 6 years ago, and is just as pertinent now as ever.

I’m hoping to hear from you, your thoughts or feeling (especially your feelings –I have experienced more personal growth when I move my awareness below the neck), what you’re reading, and anything else that you’re inspired to share with me.