Community Update on Mask Requirements

For Park Classes and Inside Classes,

Please arrive and leave class with your mask on. Once you are settled on your mat you are welcome to remove your mask if you choose (and are fully vaccinated) or keep your mask on throughout.

All teachers will be able to choose the same options: teach with a mask on or remove it once on their mat (and all of our staff are fully vaccinated).

We believe in the importance of vaccines and know that the Covid-19 vaccine helps reduce contagion and will reduce the severity and duration of the coronavirus; with variants emerging rapidly, and cases of fully vaccinated people become positive we strongly urge you to take extra steps even if you are fully vaccinated.

We also continue our “no touch” policy - as much as we love hands on adjustments in yoga poses (and HUGS!) - until the time arrives that we know this is safe. Thank you for honoring our increased precautions and policies.

In order to stretch together it’s time to mask up again! We’ve loved seeing your faces! And we want to keep you safe.

The Yoga Tree Family

PS - If you have any questions, please reach out!

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