Why is Bikram Yoga right for me?

Who can do Bikram Yoga?
Everyone! Injured, inactive, busy, or bored, everyone can benefit from showing up and trying this yoga. Lifelong athletes, or over-worked and sedentary individuals, just grab your shorts and water bottle and join us. This Beginners Yoga class is both preventative and rehabilitative; simultaneously healing any old injuries and preventing new ones.

What if I’m not flexible?
Flexibility is not a prerequisite! Working on your flexibility is an additional benefit that you will gain from the class. Other benefits include: increased focus and concentration, stamina and strength, weight loss if needed, and improved balance between strength and flexibility. Seasoned athletes will build flexibility while working on strength training by using one's own body. For those individuals who have not had a lot of strength training in their backgrounds, going into a posture and holding it will develop strength, stamina and tone.

What if I’m pregnant?
You may practice while pregnant with the written consent of your doctor. Your health and the health of your baby are the top priority throughout your pregnancy. Plenty of women have found that continuing their yoga practice supported their pregnancy, childbirth and recovery from both. If you are pregnant and would like to continue your yoga practice please contact Sarah and schedule a private lesson with her to learn Rajashree’s Pregnancy Yoga before your first group class.

 What if I am overweight?
Bikram Yoga is for everyone. Some of the postures will be a greater challenge, and meeting that challenge will start the weight loss process. This is a rigorous and safe form of exercise and when paired with a change in diet will result in significant overall health improvement that can include weight loss. Bikram Yoga is a great vehicle for weight loss as it is a “no impact” workout that burns anywhere from 600 to 1200 calories a class, and it will not result in worn cartilage, or deterioration of knees, or injuries to your lower back, which so often plagues those embarking on a new fitness regime.

You’re never too old, never too bad, never too late, and never too sick to start from scratch once again!

Can children practice Bikram Yoga?
Children are naturally flexible and curious. They may begin to practice yoga at any age. In a Bikram Yoga class the heat for 90 minutes may be too long for them and the second half will be much more fun for them. At Bikram Yoga Hamdpen, they are welcome to bring a book and sit in the lobby during the standing series and join us for the floor series. Most importantly, we aim to keep it fun for them and allow them to decide how much to do, so that they enjoy their experience and want to come back.

Do the teachers demonstrate? How will I know what to do?
Bikram Yoga instructors do not do the yoga with you. The teachers are watching and teaching you instead of focusing on themselves. This way, they can provide the information and coaching you need to understand and execute more and more each time. Bikram Yoga teachers are trained to verbally instruct each posture step-by-step and the first few classes you may miss many of the steps being said. Coming back to class right away and sticking with it, you will be amazed how much you understand and how quickly you can try more and more of each posture. If you were to watch another person do a yoga pose and try to imitate it/them you would have to have the same body, same proportions, circumstances, and history.

How often should I come?
When starting out come back 24 hours after your first class and then take as often as you can for two months. If you can come five or six times a week you will see the enormous changes and benefits your body is capable of receiving. This sounds like a lot but you have to ask yourself how much you want to invest in your health.

Once everything is in working order and you have healed old injuries, and have created a union between balance and flexibility, then later you may find you can back off to two or three times a week. If you have chronic problems -spinal or back issues, overweight or stress issues, or your body is telling you loud and clear: “Get back in the yoga room!” -you may need to return to practicing five or six times a week. If you listen to your body you will feel great again very quickly.

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