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Many of us have already given up (or never started!) our 2015 New Year’s Resolutions. Making a change in our lives may be harder if we try to go it alone. This is why we are starting a 44 day Group Challenge. This will begin on Sunday, February 1st with a kick off of FREE CLASSES all day. Please join us at 9am, 11am and 4pm for free classes and sign up for your own personal challenge. Choose how many classes you will do a week and post your name and your commitment on the board. Please bring your friends and family. We need one another’s support and love to become the best possible versions of ourselves.

Speaking of support and love, today in class I was teaching Standing Bow Pulling Pose to the class and two of our students who started this week were there. They are a retired couple who have been married for longer than I have been alive. When I looked over at them she had her left foot and was kicking. He had both of his feet on the ground but his right arm was out and he was stretching! Together they were kicking and stretching 50/50! It was so inspiring to me. It is perfect that they are here trying this yoga together. If you have tried Bikram Yoga than you already know it is hard. But that doesn’t mean that your friend or your spouse can’t do it if they are overweight or have a bad knee, back or shoulder. That is why they need to do this yoga. That is why we all need to do this yoga.

So, why a 44 Day Challenge? Well, a Yoga Journal article in 2012 9% of Americans practice yoga and 44% want to try yoga and they need our support. We are joining a nationwide campaign of yoga schools committed to finding, welcoming and supporting the 44%. So join us, find them, encourage them. Don’t scare them!

During the 44 day Group Challenge when you come to class with a new student take a photo before class and ‘check in’ on our Bikram Yoga Hampden Facebook page and add the #findthe44%.  We want to make this drive a powerful force to help more people feel the benefits of Bikram Yoga.

The student with the most likes on their check-in post and most classes attended will win a yoga basket.  If you haven’t already signed up for our all-time low $88/month membership this is a great time to start. Each month you get to bring one guest for free! #findthe44%

See you in the hot room soon!


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