Hatha Yoga

Hatha (All Level)
60 minutes/ 80-90 degrees
A typical class begins with a warm up and then incorporates a series of 7 yoga asanas, each one opening up a specific chakra, allowing for increased energy flow throughout the body. We hold the poses for longer (2 to 5 mins) to increase strength, endurance and flexibility while also incorporating meditation exercises to create a full body and mind experience. The main objective of Hatha yoga is to create an absolute balance of the interacting activities and processes of the physical body, mind and energy, promoting overall well-being and health. The room will be warm and your body and mind will be balanced
Classical Hatha yoga (pronounced "Ha-tha") is a branch of yoga focusing on purification of the entire mind and body as one. Hatha is often translated as "force", but also signifies the primordial duality as "ha" refers to the sun's energy or the "right breath" while "tha" connotes the moon's energy or the "left breath". When we reference "force", we are describing a powerful potential for Union (the meaning of Yoga) that can be cultivated through our practice.  

Wear comfortable clothing that you can move in. Bring a mat, towel and water. The room is gently warmed and you may perspire as you warm up your body from the inside out.