March Happiness Challenge


We thought it'd be fun to do a yoga challenge that focused on wellbeing as a whole, and incorporated self-care and building new habits.And so, we came up with this March Challenge!

TO PLAY: copy the calendar above (or use your own if you'd like) and complete a task each day of March. At least 20 of the days need to be a Yoga Tree class, but the other 11 days can taken from the list (on the calendar) at your choosing! We've assigned each activity a symbol, so feel free to use those or write it in.

TO WIN: fill in the entire month and then send us your calendar! Anyone who completes it will be entered to win one of several gift cards from local businesses!

WANT EXTRA CREDIT? Take a Yoga Tree class EVERY DAY and you'll be entered to win a one on one yoga class with a Yoga Tree teacher!

Have fun and good luck!

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