Private Alexander Technique Lessons with Sarah

Are you ready to say goodbye to discomfort and excess tension?

Starting Monday August 30th, Sarah will be available every Monday at Helia for private lessons!

The Alexander Technique is a mind-body re-education that teaches students to become aware of their current alignment and manner of doing things. By applying the principles of the Alexander Technique students decrease tension and learn to restore poise & function.

We are born with exquisite balance & freedom of movement. Observe toddlers at play as often as possible! Over time, we begin to collapse or misalign; this now happens at increasingly earlier stages of life as we see young people hunched in front of screens. This affects everything we do & burdens every system of the body. Many well-intentioned comments of “Stand up straight” do not correct this.

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” —Albert Einstein


Lessons with Sarah

In an Alexander Technique lesson I use gentle touch and verbal guidance so that the student retrieves effortless balance, and begins to coordinate their body with freedom and ease. By applying the principles of the Alexander Technique, I guide the student to move in a freer, easier manner, reducing physical stress on the body. Each session includes sitting, standing, a movement activity as well as a lying down turn. 
Alexander Technique principles, when applied to all manner of activities, will enhance performance and minimize injury. Mis-use and overuse often occur in repetitive activities, when we do the same task in an imbalanced way the cumulative hours can create pain and skeleto-muscular problems. I teach private Alexander Technique lessons to a wide variety of students including athletes, yogis, artists, musicians, pregnant women, individuals recovering from orthopedic surgery, and those navigating chronic pain.

About Sarah Ittmann Leite

I knew that my own journey of healing and movement needed a deeper layer of learning and in 2004 I began receiving private lessons in the Alexander Technique from Nancy Romita. In 2011 I was accepted to study with her and Wendy Salkind on AT Midatlantic , the Alexander Teacher Training course in Baltimore. I completed the 1600-hours of training and graduated in 2014. I am currently a teacher trainer in the AT Mid-Atlantic and am grateful to deepen my own process as a teacher by being part of this faculty. I began my career and passion for movement & healing in 1999 with the first of my many yoga teacher training certifications. I have owned and operated a yoga studio in Baltimore City since 2004 ( As well as teaching private one on one Alexander Technique lessons, I also to teach small group yoga and Alexander Technique classes at Helia where I enjoy bringing my two lifelong passions together.

Private lessons are usually 45 minutes, and cost $95. Many students schedule weekly lessons for regular practice over 10 sessions. If you are interested in small group or semi private lessons contact me for details. Payment is expected at the time of the lesson with cash or check. Checks should be addressed to Yoga Tree Baltimore, LLC. Home visits are possible depending on location. Wear comfortable and loose clothing.


Students who work with me report:

• I am virtually pain free after 5 sessions. 
• I no longer take anti-inflammatory medication; for months I was taking it around
the clock. 
• I walked over 7 miles the other day
• My stamina is returning.
• My posture has improved. 
• It has been life altering for me. 
• I would recommend this to anyone suffering from chronic pain.

For questions or to book your appointment, email

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