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Spring renewal–a Holistic Cleanse

An invitation to deepen self care and embody new ways to nourish ourselves.

Martha Rogers, L.Ac. and Sarah Ittmann Leite will be facilitating a 14 day cleanse during the transition between Winter & Spring. Join us to sweep out the stagnancy of Winter; shed limiting thought patterns; increase the vibration of the bodymindspirit; and cultivate a deep sense of gratitude.

The Cost of the cleanse is $200 and will be limited to a small number to provide devoted support and guidance.

The cleanse will provide dietary guidelines based on: the wisdom of Classical Chinese Medicine, the Paleolithic diet, gluten-free and seasonal foods.

Included are: four Acupuncture Detoxification Treatments, Peer Support, Reflective Journaling Exercises, & Consultation with Sarah & Martha. The Acupuncture Detoxification Treatments are a core component of this Cleanse. The treatments will help open awareness to the habituated patterns around food, nourishment, abundance and positive self care.

Friday, March 20th 6-8pm We will set the road map in place and help you navigate this transition with the support of acupuncture and new recipes.
Monday, March 23rd 5.30-7.30pm Book your 30-45 minute treatment and consultation with Martha & Sarah
Monday, March 30th 5.30-7.30pm These two meetings are private or semi-private times for you to receive acupuncture again and consult with us about how your cleanse is going. We will be there all along the way to help shift patterns of behavior, offer support as you unveil noticing about your relationship with food and nourishment how it connects beyond food. 
Saturday, April 4th 11.30am potluck brunchSavor and celebrate! This will also include acupuncture and a time to set maintenance goals and ask for and receive support.


Say good-bye to any food patterns that no longer serve you.
Together, we will identify habituated patterns; create shifts around how we relate to food; and we will supplant life-sustaining tools that empower a nourished and generative way of living.

Please register online here or in person at the front desk.


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