The Five Pillars of Yoga

To build and maintain a regular yoga practice can be a challenge for many of us. While some may have difficulties getting themselves in the room, others are unable to grasp onto not only the physical but also the psychological benefits of practicing Bikram Yoga. In both cases what hinders the ability to feel the full benefits of the yoga is our mind: we must let go of old patterns to understand new body-mind connections that we are nurturing in our practice. As students practicing the beginner’s series our success is measured in our ability to quiet our minds for a better awareness of our bodies.

We love the list of The Five Pillars of Bikram Yoga posted on Bikram Yoga Christchurch in New Zealand. If you didn’t know them before, now you do! As Kate Burford writes, these five pillars can be your roadmaps to improving your practice in body and mind: 

1.     Faith – Do you believe in yourself? Do you have hope?

2.     Self Control – Discipline, morality, practice.

3.     Willpower – Determination. Willingness to do. 

4.     Concentration – Focus, balance, presence. 

5.     Patience – Do we have what it takes to keep trying.


Sarah, Henri & the BYH Team 

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