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The Giving Yoga Tree Program

The teachers and I have all noticed how quickly our students support one another; we love seeing this camaraderie flow through our community. This yoga is hard work. It’s hot, it’s hard; we know. It is meant to be challenging but does not need to be competitive. For a student to be warmly welcomed and supported by one’s peers is a huge gift. We see it all the time. ‘Cause you guys are all amazing! When you cheer one another on, we glow with pride because the intention we set in this healing space keeps growing and growing.  You heal, and become a healer.

Even with all the love & support and all the grit & sacrifice, sometimes the financial hurdles cannot removed. So what do we do? How do we find a new way? We have wanted to address this because yoga is not about money, it is a giving practice. It gives to your health and wellness and can be a foundation for expanding in other dimensions of your life, that will lead to prosperity, and in turn to generosity which allows more and more people to grow and grow…

That’s how we came up with Giving Yoga. The idea is simple: anyone can donate money toward the Giving Yoga Program and this money will then be used by any student in financial need who would like to take a class from the Giving Yoga Tree. 

Much like Shel Silverstein’s “The Giving Tree“, the Giving Yoga Tree Program will nurture anyone in need by opening up the possibility to practice at our studio. And it provides a way to put back into a community when you are ready to give. I read once that giving is not a money issue. It is a trust issue. We learn to trust that being generous generates abundance.

See anyone of your teachers or staff at the front desk to add or take from the Giving Yoga Tree, and we promise you will always be met with a smile.


Sarah & Team

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