The Story of the Yoga Story Lady

Today we celebrate our dear Carolynn as she embarks on her journey to Budapest, Hungary at the end of this month. As her students have experienced, one of the joys of having class led by Carolynn are the motivating stories that she tells. It is with gratitude that we share a small bit of the Yoga Story Lady’s own story.

Join us on Saturday, August 15th at 6:00 p.m. after Carolynn’s 4:00 p.m. class to continue the celebration with a Community Potluck.


“The reason I tell stories is because of my childhood. We grew up on a farm in Wisconsin and my father and his father were big presences in my life. They told me stories as a little kid, all kinds of fun little stories to keep me interested and to keep me around them which I loved because they could’ve given me a book or a toy and put me in the corner but they didn’t. They kept me involved in their lives and told me stories, and poems and songs. Many of the things that they told me had to do with my heritage and who I am as a person.

That’s part of why I love to tell stories when I’m in the yoga room. They’re just normal people like you and I and then they do this yoga and somehow they’ve discovered something about themselves. I feel like I’ve discovered many things about myself in my journey with yoga here. I was 48 years old when I started which is a little bit late but I feel like I found it at just the right time. It was when I needed an answer to many questions about my body, aging, going through change as a woman; and not just that, going through a new stage as a person.

The first time I did class I laid down on the mat and cried the whole time! I could only do about one quarter of the postures but I knew even after that one class that I had gained so much from this. It was so surprising to me how my body would respond to these simple yoga exercises and gain strength and flexibility, you just had to keep going to class.

So I’m off to Budapest, Hungary and what I will be doing there is loving the Hungarians and also teaching art in an international school and hopefully teaching Bikram classes. I will really enjoy taking classes and if I get to teach that would be really amazing. The communal showers will have to be something I get used to, it’s just different from the States! (laughs)

I will take who I am and what I am about with me wherever I go. This place, Sarah, Henri and Simon and all of the students will always be a part of my life.”

Viszontlátásra (“Until we see each other again.”) Carolynn!

In gratitude,

Sarah, Henri & the BYH Team

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  1. Hi Carolynn,
    The best of luck on your new adventure! You’re a brave soul to go so far away.

    Thanks for the great yoga classes.


  2. I didn’t get to take many classes with Carolynn as my teacher, but those I did attend were very positive experiences for me. Around Father’s Day, she shared her story about her father aging and passing on. I was touched by her candor and take on this experiance. It reminded me of my own thoughts on my brother dying five years ago.

    Thank you for your stories, Carolynn!


  3. Carolynn is one of my all time favorite teachers! Her bright spirit, positive outlook and energized classes always helped me to reset and leave the studio a little lighter than when I came in. I’ll miss you Carolynn but our loss is Budapest’s gain! See you soon.

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