toddler & me yoga


Drop-in and 5 class series coming soon.

Email if you have any questions. Yoga Tree Membership and Class Cards are not applicable to this class. (Nor are Groupons or any other Donation cards or Deals)  We need to have 3 kids to run this class. If we cancel the class we will refund in full.

This class is a wonderful way to spend time with your child and be completely removed from the daily activities that we all have to focus on: (work, iPhones, emails, errands, meetings, etc) We will move as slowly as we need to. Some poses may be missed entirely, by any of us adults or by a child.  We will improvise and allow the children's curiosity to lead us to explore new poses. Often times the adults may be the only one doing the yoga; letting your child play with you (or on you) while you are stretching or balancing allows them to stay connected to you while you practice attending to yourself. This is setting a great example for them as they learn from our behaviors and self-care is paramount. Have fun & make new friends! Connect to our bodies and breath.

  • Check in at the front desk and then head up to the Tree Top to join us!
  • The restroom (with full sized facility plus a little potty) is downstairs if you or your child need that first; our friendly font desk staff will point the way.
  • Upstairs we have a second room that can be used for changing diapers or just distancing from the activity if you or your child need.
  • We provide yoga mats for child and adult.
  • The flooring is carpeted and has extra padding making it a cozy and safe way to try new poses for all.