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For over five years I taught Bikram Yoga while traveling around the US and the UK, the entire time I knew what I wanted; to find a city that felt like a village, a job that felt like play, a purpose that allowed my calling to intersect with an un-met need. And boy did I find all of that rolled into one sweet package!! Right here at 911 W.36th street. That package ultimately included a daring and devoted husband and now a curious and loving baby. (I do count my blessings instead of sheep).

I moved to Baltimore to open Bikram Yoga Hampden ten years ago and as the years go by I learn more about why I choose this profession (that’s not a typo -it’s an active and present verb: each day when I wake up, I choose this life). Well, the answer is hands down: the people. One of my very favorite things about my job is the amazing people I get to spend my time with. Talking before and after class to our students; hearing about your ideas and transformations, your goals and obstacles, is an honor. These conversations inspire me. You all teach me. From your actions and your words you teach me about faith, self-control, determination, concentration, and patience. You are walking proof that this yoga works and each all-too-brief conversation often ends with “this should be a blog post!”.  Many of you will already know that I love to talk. I could talk all day about yoga, alignment, health, food, emotions, behaviors, transformations, anatomy, physiology, efficiency of movement, books, nature, tea, art, Alexander Technique, mind-body awareness, family, babies, children, food for babies and children, and more.

So this blog will be a conversation. It will be about all of these wonderful seeds that we plant and nurture before, during and after our Bikrma Yoga classes. It will also serve to announce new things that are happening, both on and off the mat at BYH, at One Wellness Center, in Hampden, in Baltimore and beyond. This will be my spot to share and a place from which to invite others to share as well.

See you at the front desk soon.

Love,  Sarah

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