20 Hour Yin Immersion

This program counts for 20 Yoga Alliance hours for CEUs.

Friday, April 13th: 6-9pm

Saturday, April 14th: 10am-6pm

Sunday, April 15th: 11-7pm

$400 before March 23
$500 after March 23

20 hour Yin training

Immerse yourself in learning all about this widely misunderstood practice. Yin Yoga is a style that promotes profound healing on a deep physical, mental, and emotion scale by targeting the Connective Tissues in the body. By using gravity and time in long passive holds the body gradually creates traction and widespread openness in the tissues and joints. Jessie is a master in the yoga community for all things Yin and she is leading the charge in Maryland and beyond to educate teachers and students in the power of adding a little Yin to their Yang, to find peace, balance and freedom on a whole new level. During this immersion you will learn the philosophy of Yin, study the postures and the anatomy of Yin, learn advanced hands on techniques to release the tissues and stimulate the energy meridians in the body. After this 20 hour immersion you will come to understand and deeply appreciate the What, the Why and the How to teach Yin Yoga from the heart.

About Jessie Kates

Jessie Kates is one of the most sought after teachers in Maryland. Her classes are thought provoking, emotionally charged, fun, innovative, transformative and healing on a whole new level. She is as authentic as they come, inspiring & approachable. She has so much knowledge about yoga, how our bodies work and she shared it daily with such passion that students are rediscovering joy and self acceptance, peace and freedom like they have never experienced before.  Jessie has an eloquent way of teaching life through the lens of Yoga and her classes and trainings are deeply rewarding and rich with insight and wisdom for students at every stage of their journey.